Viscount Amory’s Charitable Trust

Registered Charity No 204958





The Viscount Amory’s Charitable Trust was created in 1962 by the Viscount Amory, Member of Parliament for Tiverton and, from 1958 to 1960, Chancellor of the Exchequer.    His aim was to support the people of Devon through their communal activities in the spheres of education, religious expression, the relief of poverty and the development of the characters and physical well-being of the young people of Devon.


The Trust is a grant-giving body which relies on its endowment and does not seek funding from the public.


Areas of support






The activity or residence of the applicant should be in Devon, United Kingdom.


Areas the Trustees do not support


Applications from individuals for grants for the relief of poverty.

Applications for grants or short term loans for individuals’ immediate needs or wants.

            The Trustees are unable to help in such cases.


Application procedure


We do not issue application forms.


Applications should be by letter, not by e-mail, please, and include the following:

- Your address.

- Your e-mail address, if available. (We may reply by e-mail)

- General background information about your appeal.

- The nature of the sponsoring or associated organisation.

- The total amount you are looking to raise.

- How much has been raised to date.

- How you propose raising any shortfall.

- Any further information you feel would be relevant for the attention of the Trustees.



Please send applications to:


Mrs S Curtis

Viscount Amory’s Charitable Trust

The Island
Lowman Green

EX16 4LA


01884 242200   Normal office hours.   The office may well be unmanned from time to time.

We prefer that you do not leave messages other than extra information we may have asked you for.


E-mails to  can be received, but please read and abide by this guidance page first.    DO NOT send applications or images by e-mail as they will have to be converted to paper anyway.


The Trustees aim to meet on a monthly basis and expect to inform applicants of the Trustees’ decision either way


Please note that the Trustees do not consider applications from individuals unless as part of an activity sponsored or promoted by an organisation.


We look forward to hearing from you!